Parent Info

The Greeneview Virtual Learning Academy was created for the 2020-2021 school year to provide families with the opportunity to educate their children from home in the midst of the pandemic. The selection of this educational option is made for an entire semester at a time.

As you begin this virtual learning pathway on Tuesday, September 1st we encourage you to begin by working through the tutorials in each system. They will walk you through the programs and will provide a better understanding of the programs and expectations.

Student Logins:

  • K-5 Students: Lincoln Learning

    • Username: firstname.lastname

    • Password: 4-digit lunch code +10

      • Example Lunch code: 2345 - Password 234510

    • For support, please email Jane Cross at

  • 6- 12 Students: Edmentum

    • Account Name: TADY

    • Username: firstname.lastname

    • Password: 4-digit lunch code

    • For support, please email Emily Seevers at

Lincoln Learning Guidelines and Suggestions

  • Essential Activities - File from Lincoln Learning

    • Several components of the program are essential for the students to complete. The other activities are enhancements or extra assignments. The attachment below provides specific information.

      • Essential Activities: focus on these activities when beginning math and English and do not do the extra activities.

        • Read It and/or Teach It: Read It is all student driven but the Teach It has the information read aloud and points out details on the screen. They cover the same material and it is not essential to do both, unless your child is not grasping the material the first time through.

        • Show It: Non-graded practice. Have them do the practice and then check their answers in the Answer Key

        • Assess It: These are the graded assignments. They may be computer graded or the teacher will grade it and enter a score.

Student Attendance:

The goal of these programs is that students can maintain academic progress while they are physically away from school in these is self-paced learning platforms. Students must maintain progress in order to be considered in attendance and to achieve the best learning outcomes. The following is a summary of the attendance policy for virtual students: FULL ABSENCE GUIDELINES

  • Every student should log in every day that school is in session.

    • Students should be prepared to complete a minimum of 5 hours per day for Grades 6-12.

    • Students must show consistent progress in each class in order to complete the courses by the end of the semester.

  • If attendance becomes an issue, there will be consequences, as there are with in-person learning.

    • Case Managers will be first to contact the student and family.

    • Assistant Principals and Guidance Counselors will be involved if attendance continues to be an issue to create an absence intervention plan.

    • If attendance does improve then the truancy interventionist and juvenile courts will work with the school and family to develop an attendance plan.

Learning Support and Tutoring:

Case Manager: Each virtual learner will be assigned to a caseload of a Greeneview staff member. The case manager will grade some of the student work and will regularly check in on students to keep them on track. If questions arise, or additional help is needed, this case manager will be the main point of contact.

  • Please understand these staff members are teaching throughout the day but they will be working to answer questions and make contact on their time after school.

Teacher Student Advocates: The case managers and families will be supported by two Teacher Students Advocates (TSA). These TSAs will be the point of contact with our providers, Lincoln Learning, Edmentum, and the Greene ESC. If the Case Manager cannot answer your question then please contact the following people

  • Emily Seevers- 6-12 TSA for Edmentum:

  • Jane Cross - KG-5 TSA for Lincoln Learning:

Tutors: Content-specific tutoring sessions will be available for students during the regular school day. Regular recurring Google Meetings have been scheduled during specific times. The following links are available during the specific times for teachers to answer questions, if they arise.

In-person tutoring is available for content specific support.

  • In-Person tutoring will be take place at the High School from 2:35 - 3:35:

    • Monday: Spanish - Mrs. Garringer - Room 119

    • Tuesday: Math - Mr. Burr - Room 205

    • Wednesday: Social Studies - Mr. Thompson - Room 209

    • Thursday: Science - Mrs. Sweet - Room 116

    • Thursday: English - Mr. Kloosterman - Room 215

  • In-person tutoring will be take place at the Middle School from 2:30 - 3:30 on Tuesday and Thursday.

Special Education Services:

Special Education Services are available to all virtual learnings with an IEP. Please contact for specific questions regarding these services.

Athletic Eligibility: Student Athletic Eligibility Guidelines

Athletic Eligibility for virtual students is tied to attendance and grades in the online platform, as if the students were in attendance in person.

School Meals:

School breakfast and lunch is available to all virtual learning students. Meals can be picked up from the High School kitchen between 10 & 11 on the first day of school week, beginning September 1st.